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The Association is dedicated to attracting and retaining young and talented professionals in the insurance industry across Africa thereby providing a platform for them to develop their business relationships through regular educational and networking events.


Insurance in Africa is a driver for economic development, however, to realize the full economic development potential, insurers need to adapt their products and distribution channels to the specific features of local markets. Insurance is;


A Growth Driver

Insurance drives economic growth by expediting the recovery of claimants and beneficiaries. Insurers pay claims whenever there is a covered loss described in the insurance contract.

A Vector Of Distribution And Solidarity

It creates an invisible solidarity net between economic agents around shared preferences and priorities. Insurance lends economic tangibility to the concept of solidarity and structures it finan¬cially through two fundamental principles: pooling or aggregating risks, and mutualizing risks.



Statistics have it that 86.7% of insurance professionals under the age of 35 would recommend joining the industry because it’s a business that is built on relationships and trust. The characteristics are not peculiar to what many other industries offer in terms of social and personal development.

The Future Of Insurance

The future of our industry is reliant on the attraction and retention of ambitious, motivated and intelligent young professionals. At YIPs we believe in spreading the word about insurance as a career of choice to a broad spectrum of university Graduates.


Meet our Leadership Team

Absolutely not. YIPs Africa is free for all Africans interested in the advancement of insurance in the entire continent.

Nationals from all African states.

Young Insurance Professionals who are below the age of 40 can belong in this noble association.

No. Although both of them have similar interest of targeting the insurance youths in Africa, however, they are separate entities.

There are numerous benefits ,some of which are Networking, Knowledge sharing, peculiarity to country-specific insurance operations which will be obtained through trainings, conferences and seminars, etc.

They will stay on as Affiliate Members thereby serving as Mentors to members in our Mentorship program.

Membership is open to insurance professionals, Students and graduates who are willing to continuously learn about insurance.